About Walk On®

What is a Walk On?

A Walk On® is an actor, graphic, or video that appears on your website. Walk On® videos play over top of your existing website design using a transparent background to create a unique, dynamic experience for your visitors. Walk Ons® are specifically designed to engage your audience and deliver them to points of conversion, such as lead generation forms, product pages, donation pages and anywhere else you want to increase traffic. The Walk On® video platform allows you to create playlists, schedule messages for certain days or times of day, view and download critical metrics for optimizing Walk On® video campaigns and measuring ROI. Collectively, this video spokesperson system is known as ‘Walk On®.’

Walk On® videos Boost Conversions

Attention spans are short. Very short. Eye catching graphics and Walk On® actors immediately draw attention, while targeted messaging and scripts engage visitors and encourage them to click through to the desired page. You’ll see more traffic to your critical web pages and be able to move visitors quickly and efficiently through your funnels. Track actionable data and schedule when you want your Walk On® videos to play to optimize for conversions. Beyond technology, Walk On® videos also associate a real person with your company. The age of the Internet has made companies appear disassociated and unapproachable. Add the human element back into the sales process and build trust with your customers by showing them your company is made up of more than just websites and phone numbers.

Non-Intrusive Video Spokesperson

We understand that the user experience is important to your website and sales process. That’s why the Walk On® experience is completely customizable. Your Walk On® video doesn’t have to play when your website loads like with other video spokesperson systems. For instance Your visitors may respond better to our click-to-play option, or prefer videos to play muted until they choose to listen. You get total control over how the video is played and can see pauses, stops, replays and other statistics to make educated decisions about your videos. Walk On® player can even detect whether a visitor is returning or new to your site, and serve a different message so your customers aren’t bored or annoyed by repeating the same video again and again. Have a video play only on the first visit, every 17th visit, once per day, however you want. Or should we say ‘however your customers want?’

Tracking and Scheduling

ROI. Not only have we heard of it, we built the Walk On® video spokesperson system to maximize it. Dig into the deepest analytics in the industry to see every play, stop, replay, pause, click through rate, destination, viewing time and more for each Walk On video in your playlist. Every key metric you need is available 24/7/365 so you can hone in your messaging and implementation to start making educated decisions instead of educated guesses. Justify your expense, prove your Return On Investment and cut out hours of creating spreadsheets and running the numbers. We deliver numbers straight to your desktop or mobile device via the Walk On® Dashboard so you’re never left wondering ‘is this even working?’